art director/graphic designer

  • Used Car Dealer Ad - November 2014
  • State Magazine Ad - November 2014
  • Used Car Dealer Ad - June 2015
  • State Magazine Ad - July 2015
  • Used Car Dealer and State Magazine Ads.

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    Two NIADA Ad Campaigns published in the Used Car Dealer Magazine and State Magazine. The first campaign was published during the 2014 football season, in an attempt to attract the predominantly male target audience in the car business. The second ad describes the benefits that you can gain from signing up with the program. In the second campaign, the idea behind it was to capitalize on the hype of the Furious 7 movie, in conjunction with telling the potential customers that NIADA has been in this game longer than their competitors and are speeding past them, shifting into a different gear as they go on to phase two of their program.

    • May 2015
    • Client: Used Car Dealer and State Magazine Ads
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